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Short, concise answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ClipWall, clips, modules and the CargoClips company.

Why so many holes?

The holes ensure maximum flexibility to arrange and fit your camper modules or storage fixtures in as many ways as possible

Is it not too heavy?

To ensure stability, the multiplex panels are quite heavy, but we always keep this in mind. We always state the weights separately for all quotes. We always make sure that the respective weights are reasonably below the permitted total weight for the vehicle, e.g. a 3.5 t vehicle has around 3 t with all modules and a full tank. As of spring 2022, we now also offer a “Light” option that uses lighter wood, all without compromising on quality and stability. The use of a lighter wood addresses some of the weight-related concerns and allows us to offer more options for 4x4s.

Is there insulation behind the perforated panels?

We insulate behind the perforated panels, or ClipWall as we call it, using Armaflex or, on request, we can also use sheep’s wool. Insulation thickness is 19 mm between the bars and 6 mm above the bars for both versions. The vehicles are fully safe for the winter with stationary heating (air-diesel).

Do you fit out any vehicle?

In principle, yes, any vehicle that has the same size as a panel van (Sprinter, Ducato, TGE, etc.). If the customer doesn’t yet have a vehicle, we are also happy to provide a quote based on a MAN TGE, boasting a swivel seat, stationary heating, two batteries, a sliding side window and a 230-volt external port with charging device. This also allows us to pass on the mass production savings to the customer. For compact vans, we offer the amazing “Soloist” solution that allows you to convert any compact vans with a cargo area from 2 m into a camper van in just a few steps.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do! However, for VAT reasons, we only offer this for tradespeople in Europe and private persons in Austria.

How long does it take to install/remove the modules?

For the most part, the modules can be connected to the ClipWall (perforated wall) with our MultiClips. Thanks to the so-called “toggle lever”, the connections can also be detached without tools or using a TX30 screwdriver. For a vehicle fully fitted out with modules, it takes approx. 15 minutes to fully fit it out with two people.

Do you send panels for self-installation?

Yes and no!
For panel vans: Unfortunately, no. Due to the curvature of panel vans, installation is more complex than you might think. The vehicle must therefore be sent to our production site in Eugendorf near Salzburg.
For trailers or garage walls, yes: If you need a straight wall, e.g. for a garage wall or trailer, the ClipWalls can be sent out.

How long do I have to wait for the vehicle?

In general, waiting times for a new vehicle are anywhere between 6-9 months, but this heavily depends on availability within the automotive industry. For your own vehicles, this may differ depending on how busy production is. Complete vehicles take priority.

Do you take used vehicles as payment?

Unfortunately, no. We are not equipped to do so.

Can the vehicle be licensed as a recreational vehicle?

Yes – we generally go by what the customer wants. For tradespeople, however, it makes more sense for the vehicle to keep its truck N1 approval. For private persons, it makes more sense to register the vehicle as recreational vehicle for insurance purposes. We are happy to take care of the classification as a recreational vehicle where the necessary modules are ordered for this purpose.

CargoClips, Castino Van system, Castello Camper – what does it all mean?

The ClipWall, clips and modules for panel vans are put together as part of the Castino Van system.
A Castello Camper is our premium panel van design fitted out with the Castino Van system – with high-quality electrics components, cables, seats, solar fields, etc.
The Castino Van system and Castello Camper are trademarks of the CargoClips company.

What are the basic fittings for a camper van?

Before fitting out your camping bus, you should first clarify where you are travelling with your panel van or what trip you need it for. A basic fit-out includes mattresses for sleeping, sufficient stowage space and black-out solutions for windows. We are happy to provide a consultation for newbies and experienced adventurers alike to ensure you get the best basic fit-out.

What equipment should a camping bus or van have?

In addition to the basic fit-out such as bed facilities (fold-out or fixed) or stowage space, it is important to have a toolbox in your camping bus. In addition to the various fit-out modules for a leisure trip/business trip or compact van modules, it’s also important to have gear such as batteries, charging devices and first-aid kits.

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