The perfect system for securing cargo and building out your van

Discover individual systems, fixtures and the ClipWall by CargoClips. Build out your van, camper or vehicle to suit your individual needs.

  • Perfect for building out your camping vehicle
  • One-clip system with endless design possibilities for your camper, cargo or panel van
  • Pre-installed perforated wall system for securing and stowing cargo
  • Matching modules, cabinets and utensils for your individual needs
  • Multi-functional use  with  our Castino VAN system
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With the CargoClips system you can customize your camper, cargo or panel van  yourself. We offer a wide range of amazing leisure and business modules.  We also offer solutions for compact vans. For those who prefer to go for a ready-made deluxe version, we offer the Castello Camper.

Entdecke die Module passend zu deiner CASTINO Family

World Worker
Surf & Beach
Innenausbau für Kastenfahrzeuge CargoClips

Business modules

Shelves, storage braces and cabinets – everything you need to store your tools safely and conveniently

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Fahrzeugausbau für Camping im Kastenwagen CargoClips

Leisure modules

Kitchens, beds, cabinets, toilets, tables and chairs. All made from the finest wood materials

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Steuerung von Strom und Elektronik im Camper


From floor to ceiling, from steps to skylights and appliances – discover our wide range of fixtures and fittings.

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Don’t have a vehicle?

We offer complete solutions

Castino Leisure modules

Today I’m sleeping in the office.

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